The Rationale of Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies

Drug and alcohol testing is a controversial subject. There are both pro and con sides to this subject depending on who you ask. There are those who believe that it is absolutely necessary for employers to perform such tests, especially in a position such as a security guard or teacher. Some other people think that it is not needed at all, and that it is an invasion of privacy and a violation of the rights of the employee. However, in order for a company to have a valid reason for doing a drug and alcohol testing, it has to show that there is a problem. A simple request from an employee, that may be related to a job applicant or a current employee may be enough for a company to suspect a problem. Visit This Link

Drug and alcohol testing – There are both pro and con sides to this subject depending on who you ask?

Drug and alcohol testing

There are some circumstances that warrant random testing, such as when a new employee is put into the office. This could indicate drug use, as well as alcoholism or drug use by current employees. Random testing is also sometimes done when a person is suspected of DWI or driving under the influence (DUI). Some companies choose random testing so that they can find out more information about their employees, such as exactly how much they sleep or eat, or if they smoke or drink. Many companies also choose random testing because they want to find out what kind of activities they employees are involved in off-site, and off-shift.

Employers that choose to random test their employees will usually require them to sign a form that states they understand the reason for the test, and agree to the procedures. They will then be required to complete some form that allows them to release the urine or breath samples. The samples are then sent to a state certified laboratory. If the results of the tests show that the employee has been using illicit drugs or alcohol, the employer has the right to suspend the employee. This can be done without providing any kind of notice to the employee.

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