The Benefits of Living in a Serviced Apartment

For those who seek the convenience of staying at a comfortable, home-away-from-home setting, serviced apartments are a great option. In fact, serviced apartments are becoming very popular among retirees looking to take advantage of their freedom from being tied down by the day-to-day tasks that come with conventional housing. A serviced apartment basically is an apartment designed for short term or extended stay, offering hotel-like features like room service, professional housekeeping services, and access to professional health services. Many serviced apartments are also designed as single, large-sized suites so that multiple people can enjoy living in one unit.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments

One of the major advantages of serviced apartments is that they allow seniors to live independently without any hassles. These apartments are designed to be fully equipped to suit each resident’s unique needs, ensuring that he or she gets all the comforts and services that an apartment can offer. Serviced apartments generally provide their tenants with a choice of living arrangements – one or two bedrooms or multi-bed rooms. Depending on the size of the serviced apartment, it may also include a kitchenette, a common living area or an open lounge area. Some serviced apartments even have full-service laundry facilities, maid services and a fitness center.

Serviced apartments offer a host of other advantages as well. They are designed to make the residents feel at home, whether they live alone or with others. Because these apartments are designed with their residents’ needs in mind, they often include many features that seniors would not normally find in regular apartment buildings. Serviced apartments usually have in-house security and safety features like fire alarms, security cameras, electronic locks, smoke detectors, and wireless alarm systems.

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