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             Originally Silkroad without the R. But the game went inactive in about 2 years due to the massive amount of bot abuse. But Joymax decided to do a complete clean up their servers and skill system.
Graphics: Although graphics a bit out dated from today’s standard according to news. It’s still considered decent in my standards. Silkroad offers a China feel to when playing, mush like games such as Perfect World, Jade Dynasty, etc. One things that stick out to me is their originality in their weapon, armor, and skills . It’s simply stunning to see how much detail is put in the make your weapons look the best it can. So you won’t get tired of looking at the same equipment for along period of time.
      Jobs: Their is a reason why Joymax named this game Silkroad. Because back then in Southern China traders crossed this road to get to other cities in order to sell and trade goods with one another, maily tea and silk. Joymax followed that life style and put in their game. Once your char hits lvl 30. They are then allowed to trade from city to city. buying goods from one city and sell it to another to make profit. Though the cash you make at lvl 30 is a bit low. The more you trade, the better the items get in value. But if you don’t like to trade you can choose an alternative path to make money. But making this kind of money comes with a cost. When trading you will be forced to move at a slow paste which makes sense since your carrying probraly 200 pounds worth of merchandise on your horse. And while on this trip you make be ambused by thiefs. The picture above shows a thief. When traveling you and your horse carrying all your items is open to attack and once your horse is killed everything you dropped will be dropped to the floor for thiefs to take. So its your job to protect your items at all costs. I know that sounds like a hudge disadvantage. But when you are about to trade you can either have your friends help you only catch is they must be hunters in order to kill theifs. And if you hace no friends to help you can always hire an hunter to help and split the earnings. Which blances out the odds is your trade to be either succesful or failure.
          At lvl 20 you are given a choice to decide to be either a hunter or thief. This is were a large portion of the pvp happens in the game. As explained a theif can take what ever he wants as long as he can take out the trader and his companions. And a hunter who protects the trade and his valuables at all costs. Each can travel in groups of 6 at a time. So when caught in a ambus pvp can get quite intense.
   Quests: Quests in this game are old fasion With only body movement with the npc’s. They offer no voices when talking with them and it feels a bit like talking to a wall (sarcasm). The quests are repetitive  which is a bit of a let down. But makes things alot faster since you know where the mobs and quests locations. Since 50% of the game is pvp lvling as much as you can is a must.

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