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Myotherapy translates to ‘Muscle therapy’ from Greek and Latin origin. It is the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and management of the musculoskeletal system. Treatment is directed at the soft tissue structures of the human body; Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons and Fascia. While corrective exercises are given to help strengthen and correct; inadequate postural stance and weakened/tight muscles. Aiming to achieve full range of motion and proper strength within each joint.

In short – The treatment of myofascial pain (which is the medical term for describing muscular pain and discomfort) within the body.

Myotherapy is needed when you have muscular pain which is restricting your daily life. These conditions can make you to feel limited. My aim is to improve your muscular strength and flexibility and to decrease symptomatic pain. The human body is a big chain, if one link is dysfunctional the chain becomes weakened. Myotherapy is a new physical therapy to help repair the injured link and created a strong base to move forward.

We provide myotherapy mornington to clients including: sports massage, injury rehabilitation, pain management, relaxation techniques and pregnancy massage. We use dry needling, myofascial release cupping, TENS machine, cryotherapy, kinesio taping, exercise rehabilitation and more in treatments to help relieve pain and stress and get you better faster.

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