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Myotherapy mornington Centers

Myotherapy translates to ‘Muscle therapy’ from Greek and Latin origin. It is the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and management of the musculoskeletal system. Treatment is directed at the soft tissue structures of the human body; Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons and Fascia. While corrective exercises are given to help strengthen and correct; inadequate postural stance and weakened/tight muscles. Aiming to achieve full range of motion and proper strength within each joint.

In short – The treatment of myofascial pain (which is the medical term for describing muscular pain and discomfort) within the body.

Myotherapy is needed when you have muscular pain which is restricting your daily life. These conditions can make you to feel limited. My aim is to improve your muscular strength and flexibility and to decrease symptomatic pain. The human body is a big chain, if one link is dysfunctional the chain becomes weakened. Myotherapy is a new physical therapy to help repair the injured link and created a strong base to move forward.

We provide myotherapy mornington to clients including: sports massage, injury rehabilitation, pain management, relaxation techniques and pregnancy massage. We use dry needling, myofascial release cupping, TENS machine, cryotherapy, kinesio taping, exercise rehabilitation and more in treatments to help relieve pain and stress and get you better faster.

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Best Childcare auburn

The mission of Childcare auburn is to provide opportunities to build strong children, strong families, and strong communities through developing a person’s mind, body, and spirit. We achieve this mission by building character, academic achievement, and raising the self-esteem of youth and families living in underserved communities. Our organization recognizes the need for high-quality youth and family services for those in need in our extended community.


Care One Child Development Center focuses on helping children and families that live in poverty, youth and teens who are at-risk for dropping out of school, participate in criminal activity, and are at-risk for child abuse and/or neglect. Furthermore, our agency is geared toward rebuilding the family structure by offering services to parents who have an issue with substance abuse, anger management, domestic violence, and have been identified by a preponderance of evidence by the Department of Human Services for child abuse and/or neglect through categories I, II, III. We serve more than 10,000 vulnerable children and families each year.

This service is geared toward children in the age range of 0-17, their families, schools, and community agencies to educate them how to address and prevent dangerous situations of physical abuse and/or the neglect of children from occurring. The goals of this program are to bring awareness on how to interpret and detect the warning signs of children being physically abused or neglected, teach students and educational institutions how to recognize, handle, and report bullying, teach school-aged children how to say no when approached by strangers, and build positive friendships and families.

Prevention services recognize the need of the children through observation. For example, children who are observed to be poorly clothed, have holes in his or her shoes or complain about being hungry, this service will work with the family to eliminate the threat of physical neglect by providing the family with community resources and financial assistance as well as teach the family how to prevent neglect in the future.