Spokane Tatto Convention 2019

3rd Spokane Tattoo & Body Art Expo

A good friend of mine, Steven Guzman, was on hand to video the 3rd Spokane Tattoo & Body Art Expo. This tattoo convention is the largest in the southern hemisphere and it featured over 320 Australian and international artists!

3rd Spokane Tattoo & Body Art Expo 2011 from Ric Sedin on Vimeo.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Video
I’ve never had to remove any of my tattoos. But I do have one cover-up tattoo. I regretted having a badly done Chinese character on my bicep and thankfully enough, it was small and this rounded tribal-like design replaced the Chinese ‘sun’ character.

I totally understand if someone wants to remove their tattoo. We do make bad decisions and with the modern technology we have today, we now have that added option. I did an episode on my old show ‘Skin Art’ where this girl Stacey underwent her first laser tattoo removal treatment. Even with the numbing cream that was applied before the treatment, she remarked that it “hurts like a bitch!!!”.

Here’s a short video I found online of a tattoo being removed via laser…

The golden rule is…Think Before You Get Inked!

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Classy Ink – A Tattoo Shop Spokane

Classy Ink is a new independent sitcom that is set in a tattoo studio. I don’t think anyone has done anything like this so the idea itself is rather appealing.

Paul Misko the creator of this web series has done a good job with the show’s synopsis. Classy Ink pokes fun at LA Ink, NY Ink, Miami ink and the various other tattoo reality shows. So far, they have a pilot episode up online and I actually enjoyed it. My favourite character from the show is the boss Mike played by Jimmy Della Valle. It’s hilarious to watch him lose his mind!

Because this is an independent production, Paul is hoping to raise funds to shoot the next episode. If you would be so kind as to contribute, you can do so at their Kickstarter page where Paul Misko talks about the show. You can view that video by clicking here.

My friends at GIMMELOVETATTOO have a topical cream that’s dedicated for long lasting tattooing, laser tattoo removal and body piercing. It’s called TattoocaineZ and it’s creating a buzz in the tattoo industry!

I personally know of two individuals that have used TattoocaineZ and they have given this numbing cream their nod of approval. Some folks might remark that you’re supposed to go through the pain to get the FULL TATTOO EXPERIENCE but I think if you can remove the pain, why the hell not?!

Little more information about TattoocaineZ…

TattoocaineZ topical numbing cream is indicated as local analgesia for use on tattooing, body piercing, and laser tattoo removal. TattoocaineZ is safe to use and is proven to last 3-4 hours prior to the correct application. TattoocaineZ doesn’t complicate the healing process of a tattoo and has proven to be the best dermal analgesia in the local market.


Best quality Pergolas Melbourne

A pergola is an architectural and structural, consisting of a corridor flanked by columns supporting longitudinal beams connecting the columns on each side, and other cross-linking both sides and hold an open lattice, which usually develop vines. The most common use is to protect traffic areas of a garden, but can also be part of a building as pedestrian protection.


The word pergola comes from the Italian pergola and, in turn, this comes from the Latin word Pergula. The term was already used in Italy around 1645 and in English this term was used in 1675.

Pergolas may link pavilions, canopies can make the doors of the buildings to gardens and terraces and pools, and can be completely autonomous structures that provide shade and shelter along a path.

Pergolas are architectural elements of greater longevity than green tunnels Gardens Middle Ages and early Renaissance, which were often made up of young shoots and willow or hazel flexible joined at the head to form a series of arches, on which wove a longitudinal strips, where vines were developed to make a cool ride, shaded and moderately dry.

In Pergolas Melbourne the inner and outer curved segments of the green walks, pergolas precursors of today, formed a structure that could be seen from a terrace above and provided some privacy to the home offering a vision of a garden lush enclave evoked the Garden of Eden